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About Biological Dentistry

Biological dentistry, also known by some as biological or natural dentistry, takes into account a patient’s whole body wellness and emotional health.   Laser Smile Studio’s board-certified dental physician, Dr. Todd McCracken, has been practicing biological dentistry for a number of years, having discovered early in his career that it allowed him to provide outstanding dental care to his patients in a less painful and more natural manner. Biological dentistry options provided at Laser Smile Studio include:

  • Safe amalgram removal
  • Laser technology
  • No flouride added to treatment
  • Ozonated water at all visits and ozone gas therapy when needed.  Ozone is a natural antimicrobial.
  • Our goal is to minimize exposure to toxic substances! 

Fluoride Free

At Laser Smile Studio, we do not use fluoride during dental treatments or recommend the additional use at home. In traditional dental facilities, fluoride is often used and recommended for the additional protection of the tooth enamel. Although fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in a number of commonly consumed foods and vegetables, conclusive evidence has not been found to prove that additional fluoride is beneficial. Furthermore, there is a circulation of recently collected evidence that suggests that excess amounts of fluoride could be potential dangerous to the overall health of patients.

Safe Amalgram Removal

In traditional dentistry, many treatments for oral conditions and diseases include the use of elements and chemicals that are thought to be toxic. For example, the amalgram (metal) filling is suspected to contain mercury which can be dangerous to the nervous and immune systems. After removal and disposal, amalgram fillings can become a hazard to natural wildlife and water sources. Laser Smile Studio is dedicated to the safe removal and disposal of amalgram fillings. Patients at our facility can expect the careful consideration of their overall health and well being before a treatment is recommended.

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Dr. McCracken enlisted on a mission to provide a better overall experience to his dental patients years ago when he decided to provide biological dentistry. Today, he remains dedicated to the concept that dentistry should and can be less painful, less intimidating and more natural. At Laser Smile Studio we can help patients achieve the happy, healthy smile they deserve without causing immense pain or anxiety. We prioritize our patients overall health and comfort and seek to place those needs above all else. If you are interested in learning more about biological dentistry, please don’t hesitate to call us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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