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Gum Grafting

PDM_Gum_Grafting.jpgGum Grafting in Denton, TX Gum recession is the physical manifestation of periodontal disease that appears where the gum line visibly recedes down the root of the tooth. Gum grafting is often used to restore adequate gum tissue and repair the damage caused by gum recession. Left unattended, periodontal disease and gum recession can wreak havoc on the overall health of your mouth as well as the appearance of your smile. Over time, the lack of gum tissue can cause inflammation of the tissues, root exposure or sensitivity, and cavities. Gum grafting treatment is critical because gum tissue serves as the principal barrier to bacteria.

Depending on your needs, Dr. Todd McCracken may recommend one of three types of gum grafting procedures: connective-tissue grafts, free gingival grafts, or pedicle grafts.

Connective-tissue grafts

Connective-tissue grafts are the most commonly performed gum grafting procedure. During this treatment, the tissue is taken from under a flap of skin that he cuts in the roof of the mouth and then stiches back down. Dr. McCracken then attaches the extracted tissue to the gum tissue around the exposed root. The attached tissue will eventually fuse with the existing tissue to form a higher gum line.

Free Gingival Grafts

Like connective-tissue grafts, dentists extract and reattach tissue when performing gingival grafts. However, the tissue is taken directly from the roof of the mouth instead of from under a flap of tissue in the roof of the mouth. This is the preferred gum grafting procedure for patients with naturally thin gums.

Pedicle Grafts

Unlike the other two gum grafting procedures, pedicle grafts do not take tissue from the roof of the mouth at all. Dr. McCracken grafts the gum tissue from the existing tissue around the tooth being repaired. Dentists can only use this type of gum grafting treatment if patients have ample gum tissue near the decayed tooth.